10 Must Have Kitchen Tools

We admit it, some people get a bit carried away and have gadgets and tools for just about everything (we’re looking at you banana slicers and pickle pickers!). However, we understand that enjoying your time in the kitchen and making great meals starts with the right tools. But which ones?

Whether you’re starting your kitchen from scratch or want to upgrade your utensils, here are the essential kitchen tools you’ll actually need and use.

Chef’s Knife

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a knife. You just need a decent one from a trusted brand. And remember, good quality doesn’t always need come with a high price tag.

Look for a knife (or a set) that feels balanced and comfortable in your hand. And invest in a knife sharpener as not only do they cut better and easier, believe it or not, they’re also a lot safer.

Hardwood Cutting Board

Choose cutting boards made of hardwood and ideally made from several pieces of wood that were glued together as this prevents the board from warping.  Make sure it has a large surface area and that it’s nice and flat. Ideally, you should have separate boards for meat, fish and veggies. If not make sure to wash it thoroughly in warm soapy water before changing from one to the other to avoid cross-contamination

Blender/Food Processor

Anything that gives us five-minute pesto, instant dough, or creamy purees is essential in our book.

Mixing Bowls

A set of durable mixing bowls makes prep time easier and tidier. Go for ones made of porcelain or other non-reactive materials so you needn’t worry about unwanted flavours mixing together. Also, a bit of weight in them is your friend as they don’t move when you’re stirring. Also, choose a set (or two) that stack together for easier storage.

Measuring Cups and Spoons

You need these even if you’re one of those home cooks who love to improvise with an extra pinch here and a dash there. Measuring cups and spoons come in handy in most recipes but are indispensable when baking.

A Box Grater

Cheese, nutmeg, potatoes, carrots, apples and more– you get the idea. A box grater comes with four different-sized hole patterns making them ideal for shredding different produce and ingredients – we think they’re grate…sorry!


Ideal for both wet and dry ingredients, a good whisk can help you whip up countless dishes from fluffy omelettes and meringues to whipped cream and cakes. Always good to have two - one small & one large.

Silicone Utensils

Be it for stirring and folding or tossing and mixing (even licking when covered in cookie dough or chocolate), silicone spatulas save your wrist from a lot of strain – whether you’re cooking, baking, or decorating pastries.

Wooden spoons also prove to be essential in kitchens, often as the alternative for the tasks spatulas can’t handle.


Acting like an extension of your hands, a good pair of kitchen tongs is your secret weapon to flipping meats, turning veggies, tossing pasta, mixing salad, and more.


If you’ve ever seen Matt Moran, Curtis Stone, Kylie Kwong or your favourite chef on TV, it’s rare to see them cooking without an apron. More than protecting your clothes from getting dirty, aprons (and hats or hair nets) serve as protective clothing.

When you’re looking for online kitchen tools for sale, start with these basics and build your foundation and cooking skills from there.