Hosting the perfect Mother’s Day lunch

Celebrating Mother’s Day at home is so much more intimate than a meal at a crowded restaurant! This year, focus on family instead with a cosy, tasteful lunch at home. We’ve made it easy for you with some of our favourite serving tips.

Mothers Day BluebirdSet the scene

When setting the table for Mother’s Day lunch, keep it elegant and simple for a memorable impression. Choose a colour palette and use it to inspire everything from your menu to your place settings.
A white tablecloth is a classic, clean touch, tying everything together.

Serving ware

You want your serving ware to bechic and easy to use, without clashing with your Mother’s day décor. Serving dishes in white porcelain and wood go with everything, and never go out of style.


Appetizers and nibbles

Tide the adults over until the main coursewith nuts and olives for a light snack. To keep cleanup easy, choose a dish with abuilt-in section for shells or pits. If you’ve got little ones to feed, serve up kid favourites like cocktail sausages, sausage rolls, and mini pies. Use a serving board with a built in dipping bowl for ketchup. These keep the table from getting too cluttered, and will also minimise ketchup spills and stains.

The main meal

Mother’s Day lunch is all about celebrating family, so focus on family favourite recipes that have been passed down through generations. For a lighter lunch, serve things that can be shared and nibbled on throughout the day. This could be a few of grandma’s baking recipes, paired with some simple sandwiches and a soup or salad.

If you’re planning on serving a hot lunch, keep things easy on yourself with an oven to table dish. Fish is a great choice for a lighter lunch, while a roast is a classic family favourite that always goes down well. Use seasonal produce like this warm autumn salad to go on the side.


Ask mum or grandma for a few family recipes and serve up your favouritesfor dessert. For a twist on a classic, try this buttermilk scone recipe for something a little different. Serve treats and baking with a range of creams, jams and preserves in a condiment set. Butter goes with everything, so make it easily accessible with a butter dish in the centre of the table. Serve the butter dish with lunch to butter bread, and keep it there all through dessert. For the kids, serve up snacks like chips and sweets in small bowls for them to share from. Brightly coloured candy adds pops of colour to your setting, and the kids will love them!

Finish with some bubbly

Finish things off with a toast to mum and a cheese platter. You’ve worked hard, you deserve a glass of champagne or two!