Hot dishes - oven to the table?

Nothing looks better than food that has just come out of the oven. There are lots of products that claim to be "oven to tableware" however most of them are just well...oven dishes.

Hot oven dishes can damage your table or worse it can cause the tablecloth to catch fire and maybe your dinner party will make the news.  You could use trivets, but your hands are full, where are they, are they big enough and how many do I need?

Not to worry because we have a solution for this.  Our Oven to Table dishes allow you to take sizzling hot dishes straight from the oven to the table.

The unique feature is the stainless steel frame which holds the hot oven dish off the table and safely out of touch.

Wooden handles offer a stylish and comfortable cool touch grip. 

Beyond cooking, the piece also makes a useful serving dish for pastas and salads.

Click here and here to find out more about our awesome Oven-To-Table dishes starting at just $58. Available in durable Porcelain and non stick Hard Anodised Aluminium.