What makes a great Apron?

There are thousands of apron options, but how to choose a good one? Check out the cool features of our stylish Denim Apron.

Lets first talk about comfort. If you're not comfortable in your apron then you're not relaxed in the kitchen. And then well...you've got no chance of making great tasting food.  

The semi-elasticated waistband on our Denim Apron makes it super comfortable when bending to open the oven or reaching for that vital ingredient from the top shelf. 

Additional cool features include:

  • A useful small pocket on the front for pens or smartphone (handy for checking recipes or using the timer function)
  • Easily accessible deep-angled ergonomic pockets at the side for bigger things
  • Double D-ring fastener that comfortably adjusts to ensure a great fit
  • Reinforced stitching and rivets around the pocket edges for maximum durability. 


Click here to get your own apron for just $24. Available in classic denim or cool stripe.

P.S. It also looks great on budding gardeners!